The bicycle fitting store


"For the absolute correct fitting of the bicycle to the rider..."


comfort, balance and energy efficiency are the top priorities when it comes to cycling. This translates to minimal injury, good delivery of power, good balance on the road, good vision after many kilometers and your metabolism functions properly even under pressure.

having fitted thousands of thousands of bike riders over the years, from all over the world! from small to tall, from old to young, from pleasure riding to world champions, we can fit any bike to you.

When we do a bicycle fitting, the rider isn't negotiable, but the bike is. so however you are physically we must do adjustments to your bicycle, to mould it as best as we can to you.

Don't put up with nagging knee pain, numb hands, a sore back or groin pains associated with cycling, prolonged usage creates potentially serious problems.

All fittings performed by John Kennedy, nationally accredited cycling coach, former state and national champion and world record holder as a professional cyclist and 7 time UCI world masters track champion.